WHO prescribed drug for acidity is safe for human health ; say experts

Ankur Bhattacharya

Kolkata, 7 February :A panel of senior doctors of difrernt specialities have categorically denied reports about the alleged carcinogenic effect in a popular drug used as an antacid , and assurded patients that ‘there is no need for panic and get confused as it is widely being prescribed for multiple conditions as one of the safest antacids around’.
Reiterarting that the antacid called ‘Ranitidine’ as ‘abosolutely safe and consumable’,all senior doctors were unanimous in their views that the medicine was a very popular and commonly used for over four decades now since it was introduced way back in 1981 in India and elsewhere in the world for the treatment of gastric acidity.
Since its introduction, the drug had been stood up to the ‘uncompromising expectations’ of the global medical fraternity for being a very safe and effective drug, said Dr Dhiman Kahali, well known cardiologist of B M Birla Heart and Reserch Cente.
Participating in an interactive session to help allay fears about the drug here yesterday Dr Kahali who is also the Chairman of the National Cardiological Society of India further stated that apart from being recognised by all other global and national institutes, Ranitidine had been featured as one of the safest drungs of the World Health Organisation (WHO) too.
Echoing simiar voice Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist of Narayana Health Centre, Dr N P Bohidar, Head of the Deapartment of Pediatricts,CSS College of Obstetrics and Child Health Dr Subhashis Bhattacharya and senior Oncologist of AMRI hospital Dr Indranil Khan said WHO in a recent statement had also confirmed that Ranitidine does not lead to cancer forming agents in typical stomach conditions of humans and ‘based on our clinical experiences we have been prescribinig it for several years as a very safe drug. Even we ourselves consumew it for any acidity issue’, they said in unison and urged the people not to be mislead by any baseless reports of a section of vested interests.