Union minister criticises Bengal CM for ‘misleading’ people on CAA and NRC

ST Bureau
Kolkata, 16 January : Union minister of state for Finance and Corporate Affairs Anurag Singh Thakur today severely criticised Chief minister Mamata Banerjee for allegedly ‘misleading and confusing’ people about CAA and NRC to fulfill her own ‘political dreams’,and challenged her to contradict the act even with a ‘single valid point’, since it was first mooted by the Congress government long time ago.

‘Despite knowing fully well that the Bill to offer Indian citizenship to thousands of oppressed people in certain other countries was first brought by the Union Government led by Jawharlal Nehru before the same was twice unsuccessfully brought forward in Parliament during the Prime ministership of Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singh without dangering the citizenship of any Indian Muslim’, Thakur severely criticised Mamata Banerjee for allegedly trying to mislead people to fulfill her own political agenda.

‘It is very unfortunate that the same Mamata Banerjee who once tore off the constitution inside Parliament to press for her demand for strong action against large number of illegal Bangladeshi migrants in West Bengal, changing the demographic pattern of several bordering districts of the state’ , Thakur said the same person, was now standing besides them to fulfill her renewed political ambitions.

‘The Chief minister is now following a double standard ‘, he reiterated . Replying to queries about large scale protests also from several other opposition political leaders as well as from the common people with diversified socio-political backgrounds, the Union minister speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with the representatives of various Chambers of Commerce about the present state of economy of the country,said here this afternoon that all of them had different agenda and purpose of opposing the union government without going deep into the whole issue.

‘CAA is based on a purely humanitarian ground where we are speaking about providing Indian citizenship to groups of people in three neighbouring countries where they have been facing untold miseries,social oppression and even ethnic cleansing’, he said and pointed out that ‘the government is not taking away citizenship from any bonafied Indian of any communitiy including the Muslims’.

The entire country is watching what is happening in West Bengal in the name of CAA and NRC, the Union minister said and claimed that at the end the state and its people would be the loosers Later when his attention was drawn to the present economic situation of the country which is aiming to achieve the 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024, Singh claimed that the government was right on track in every respect to reach the goal on time.

Apart from keeping the rate of Inflation very much undert control, adequate steps had been taken to merge some of the week public sector banks to further stabilise the economy with their refinancing of over Rs 70,000 crores so far.

Replying to queries on the two day natonwide Bank strike from 31 January,Thakur said steps were being taken to mitigate their problems and help the Banking industry soon become the country’s growth driver.