Significance of Dharma!!!

Jhilam saha :- 

What is Dharma, The question raise by the world.So,let’s find out the answers of the questions.
Dharma is a Hindu, Buddhist and yogic concept which refers to the idea of a law,or principle governing the universe. Every individual who live out their Dharma is to act in accordance with the law. In Buddhism,it’s is said that acting in this way is the path to enlightenment.
Meaning of Dharma is right way. Else, we can say the honest path to lead our life nothing more than this. But our society take it as the boundary limits between us. And our honerable society take Dharma as RELIGION.
The implementation of Dharma generates that there is a right way to live. Dharma is closely related to the concert of duty and service to others, or Seva. It has no single word Western transaction, which sometimes makes it a different concept for westerners to grasp. But one close transaction, however is “right way of living”.
The word Dharma comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘dhri’, which means “to hold”, “to maintain”, or “to preserve”. In the early vedes and ancient Hindustan, Dharma referred to the cosmic law, which created the ordered universe from chaos, because of this Mahabharata took place. It’s wasn’t because of religion it was happened only for honesty and dishonesty (the war of Dharma and Adharma).