Transport solution at Kolkata dock Debasish Chattopadhyay


In continuation of its drive towards ease of doing busines through digital transformation, Vinit Kumar, Chairman, Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata launched a web and mobile application based transport solution at Kolkata Dock System in association with Gocon Logistics Pvt. Ltd. through Zoom on November 18.
Gocon Logistics will operate as preferred technology partner of SMP Kolkata and provide digital platform for its users to increase the backloading of trailers in and around the Kolkata dock. Presently, around 800 trucks/trailers enter and exit the dock every day, however considerable number of trucks/trailers go one way empty. The transport solution shall provide a real time visibility of the available trucks/trailers in and around the dock so that they can be booked by the users online, thus increasing the backloading at the port, reducing the number of empty vehicles plying on the dock roads and also decreasing the carbon emissions from the vehicles. The platform will connect the users (demand) and transporters (supply) on a real time basis which shall improve the vehicle utilization for transporters and reduces the process time, congestion and logistics cost for users.

      Kolkata Dock is also a prominent hub for Nepal and Bhutan bound import containers. The platform also aims to facilitate a real time tracking solution for these third country import road containers, thus providing a time-bound, reliable, efficient and cost-effective road transport from Kolkata Dock.