“Reneshan” Band of Ultadanga Government School

Priti Singh

Kolkata: A new spirit of fearless has been brought up by Ultadanga Govt. Higher Secondary School for Girls. The School has officially started a band called “Reneshan” on a very special occasion on Wednesday, Saraswati Puja day. The band has sung a song without any high quality of the musical instruments. The band concept was led by Lushai Das Pal who has not only given the first initiative to bring “Reneshan” but also encourages students to perform with confidence. The school students show great courage and enthusiasm to bring out the real worth of Bengali song.
While interacting with media Persons School Principal Reena Dutta Bondyopadhya has revealed “Our school is like s family. We are always there to support and encourage our students. Our school girls sing really well in various ways. They all wish that they have the caliber to create a band. They have a dream that whenever they represent themselves they will always be in the group and will be singing in chorus. So, with the help of teacher ‘Reneshan’ has been brought up and gives a bit of hope to chase their dreams. I even want this band to go miles away. I wish through this band the school gets lots of appreciation for the first time bringing concept like this”
Why ‘Reneshan’? Answering this question Educator Lushai Das Pal said “What I feel ‘Reneshan’ introduces both tune and rhythm. Our students have great potential in singing and they are also having a great love for Bengali songs. So, somewhere the band strikes in my mind and I decided to bring this concept.”