Monkey takes a free ride in a packed local train

Ankur Bhattacharya

Gobardanga (North 24 Parganas) / Kolkata, 2 January : Providing a rarest of the rare amusement to the public,a fully grown monkey (langur) today travelled over 30 km in a local train along with hundreds of other passengers before embarking at his known station surprising all around him.

As soon as the ‘Bongaon’ local under Eastern Railway left Sealdah station this afternoon,the four feet long adult monkey entered one of the packed compartments by jumping overhead several passengers and took the possession of a window seat to the amusement of all other passengers.

Interestingly and surprisingly the wild monkey did not care for anyone while quietly enjoying the journey by watching the outside scenario in the running train for nearly an hour.

‘Till the train reached Gobardanga station,after about 40 minutes, none of us could understand how far he would travel with us and how long he would remain quietly seated on his window side seat ‘, said one of the co passengers Nemai Das adding that as soon as the train stopped at Gobardanga station, the money without looking at anyone else or even scaring anyone,once again jumped up and riding on the shoulders of some passengers went out of the gate and vanished into the wayside bush to the amusement of everybody.

Describing such an unfamiliar incident and watching such a disciplined and the gentlemanly behaviour of a wild monkey as indeed a rarest of the rare happening to watch,Das and several other passengers continued to wonder how a two legged animal could behave like this and how could he identify his natural habitat at Gobardanga after crossing several similar such bushes in and around several other stations midways to which none has any clear answer.