Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) organized a Zoom Webinar with Firhad Hakim, Chairman, Board of Administrators, KMC and Minister of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs today

Debasish Chattopadhyay

Kolkata: June 20: At the beginning
Vivek Gupta, President, MCCI in his welcome address said that rapid urbanization is a challenge and solid waste management is a problem. When will the New Garia-to-Kolkata Airport Metro project and East-West Metro Corridor project become functional? The Urban Land Ceiling Act is a big drag on the growth and expansion of industries. It needs to be withdrawn. Government of West Bengal has
enacted its own version of RERA, the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act in

  1. Is it necessary to get clearance for Fire for warehouses that do not handle
    inflammable material? Land near ITC Hotel suffers from water logging and consequent
    In reply Firhad Hakim said that
    opportunity comes after each setback. First, COVID hurt the economy and Amphan has dealt a second setback.
    Many migrant labourers have returned to West Bengal from other states. The State can gain by properly utilizing these workers. In order to employ these workers in West Bengal , the Government needs to build the required infrastructure. Chambers of Commerce can
    help build the infrastructure. Products from West Bengal can then be sold in other states.
    Unplanned urbanisation is spreading and it is a problem. People are grabbing land and buildings are being built on crop land. The Chief Minister has made a policy that buildings will be built in slums so that slum dwellers can live in small flats. There are only a few responses to convert Burra Bazar into a shopping mall. Work is in progress with all Metro Rail projects in Kolkata and the projects will be completed between 2022 and 2024. In response to a question, the Minister said
    that repair of Majerhat Bridge was delayed by a year. The PWD Department is carrying out repairs and Majerhat Bridge should be operational by the Puja Season.
    Among other issues that were discussed, there is no need for urban land ceiling today
    and the law is a residue from the Communist Government in the past. Trade licences can
    be obtained online.
    In response to another question, the Minister said that separate commercial and
    residential zones may not be possible in Kolkata as it is an old city. On the other hand,
    residential and commercial zones have been implemented in Rajarhat.
    Aakash Shah, Senior Vice President, MCCI offered a hearty Vote of Thanks.