Despite lockdown many people continue their daily marketing habits

Staff Reporter ; Kolkata, 16 April : Paying no attention to repeated pleas of the Prime minister,the Chief minister and all agencies asking people to remain indoors and take maximum protective measures to prevent the spread of deadly Corona virus in their locality, hundreds of people are seen gathering in almost every market everyday,causing concern to the authorities about how to fight the disease in a more comprehensive manner.

In one such incident today,hundreds of people of all ages were seen gathered at the city’s main wholesale ‘Koley market’ in Sealdah area in South-Central Kolkata since this morning and paying scant respect to all appeals and requests they were seen purchasing vegetable and other items from equally large number of vendors who have also come to sell their products from different areas.

Though there was no sign of police in the market in the early hours of this morning,a few of them from the local police station came later in the morning and forced the people to disperse by wielding lathis. But most unfortunately,as soon as they left, people started gathering once again and the market returned to its usual business cycle within minutes.The police was nowhere to be seen afterwards.

But Koley market was no exception, as similar scenes were also witnessed in almost all other daily vegetable and fish markets in the city including those like Gariahat market,Lake market, Hatibagan market, Jadavpur market and Shayambazar market to name only a few on daily basis.
Everywhere people were seen came out in large number, many of them without any protective mask, and started purchasing at their will.

‘How do you expect us to live without fish for long’, said Nilanjan Banerjee, a state government employee and one of the buyers of different types of fish at Gariahat market when asked about the reason for his coming to the market despite knowing the danger of COVID-19.

Similar sentiment was echoed by several others in the market when asked about the reason for their venturing out despite the appeal of none other than the Prime minister and the Chief minister themselves.