Cyclone Gaja is creating great disaster in Coastal Tamil Nadu

Indroneel Sinha  :-  Cyclone Gaja which is flowing wind with the speed of 120kmph early this morning. It is expected the storm has crossed the Tamil Nadu coast between Nagapattinam and Vedaranniyam. 76000 people has been shifted from the lower area of Tamil Nadu low area. 300 relief centers are made in six districts nearby area.
As the center of cyclone is over land the authority are keeping eyes over the sea. It will take an hour to move to over land. Four team of National Disaster Response Force have been already deployed for the security and safety of the people of this region. Even state has released animation video and created awareness on the issue. Several other costal areas are also being watched for the same. It is being observed that it is moving towards westward and getting weaker. As per Deputy Director General of Meteorology S Balachandran, the cyclone will take another two hours to fully cross the coast.
During the cyclone’s landfall heavy rain with wind which are uprooting trees in several regions. Electricity supply was disconnected here.
Indian Coast Guard has initiated a series of proactive measure to protect the lives of fisherman, they are spreading the news from 9th Nov for issuance of advisories and warnings in local language to fisherman in seas.
The government has announced helpline numbers 1070 (state-level) and 1077 (districts) for assistance.