Is books can decide our future?

Jhilam Saha :- 

We belongs to India so let’s know something about Indian education system. It is one of the oldest education systems around the world. But it is very unfortunate that while the education systems of the other nations have undergone major changes with the changing times and technology advancement and we are still stuck with the old and unremarkable system. Neither has our system seen any major change in the syllabus nor has there been any significant change in the way the education is imparted.
The Indian education system has many problems that hold back the proper growth and development of an individual. One of the main problems of Indian education system is it’s marking system. The intelligence of the students is judged by the way they performing a 3 hour theoretical paper rather than by there overall performance in a year. In such outlet, learning lessons to get good marks become the sole aim the students. We are not able to to think beyond it. We are not bothered about understanding concepts or enhancing their knowledge all they think about is to look for ways to get good marks.

Another problem is that the focus is only on theory. No importance is given to practice learning. Our education system encourage the students to become bookworms and doesn’t prepare them for handling the real problems and challenges of life.
Academics are given so much importance that the need to involve the students in sports and art activities is overlooked. Students are also overburdened with studies. Even Indian patents are also like ” you need to concentrate at your studies there are no needs of extra curricular activities”.
According to me now our education system need to stop putting so much importance to the marks and ranks of the students and they need to focus on skill development instead. The cognitive, problem solving, analytical and creative thinking skills of the students must be enhanced.
Practice knowledge is very important to develop our skills. Our education system focuses mainly on book knowledge. This need to be changed. We need to improve practical knowledge for better understanding and application.
The education system of our country must look beyond academics. Sports, arts and other activities must also be given importance to ensure the all round development of students. Infact this thinks help to improve our brain power.