Original kart

Debasish Chattopadhyay
Kolkata 28 January : “Original kart” trademark under a startup India project name WISE RETAIL SERVICES LLP made operational announcement of its brand in eastern India on Thursday.

“Original Kart” is a B2C initiative, both web and application based. Company uses its in-house technology platform to manage the network. Our objective is to extend our e-commerce service to small cities and district towns, and become the most efficient online fod and grocery super market of India, where our vaBued customers can find everything of their choice at their comfort. We have developed “Original kart” as a decentralized platform for our franchise/logistic partners, appointed
for dedicated pin codes, to deliver the best level of services. Starting with a Non- Inventory
model and later adding up Market Place option in the same platform will also help the local
traders to take advantage of our application and to maximize their business.

Our business model will help the village level, sub-division level and district level
entrepreneur and create a huge level of employment in different sector and level of
our society.

As we all are aware that the ongoing pandemic has badly hit our society and many are going through a tough time. This initiative of ours
will create a huge support system to many, from rural and semi-urban areas of our country, said Sugata Biswas, (CEO),