69th Reunion of Calcutta National Medical College

Kolkata: CNMC happens to be one of the oldest Medical Colleges in India which has produced many eminent doctors who have made India proud both nationally and internationally. Dr SubhashMukhopadhyay, who did pioneering work on Test tube baby, DrSundari Mohan Das, DrKiranmoy Das, Eminent surgeons like Prof N K Paul, Bimalendu Mukherjee, Bijoy Biswas, Urmila Khanna et al are all Alumni of this Institute. We are also proud to the fact that the college has been founded by Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar and the other leaders of freedom Movement.
The Alumni of the college has been hosting Annual Reunion where, on an average, 500- 600 ex-students from different parts of India and abroad come and share their old memories with their colleagues and also pay respect to their teachers. This is also an excellent platform of sharing knowledge in recent clinical developments among overseas doctors, Indian icon specialists and junior pass-out doctors of the institute. Many of them will be sharing their huge experience in their own fields through the scientific deliberations that are going to take place during the three days ( February 7-9) of the Conference. Moreover , the young undergraduates also learn from the overseas doctors about the communication and documental skill applied for the patients treated.
So this is a prestigious platform of exchange of knowledge between India & abroad. Apart from the Academics, inauguration, the scientific sessions, CME, important discussions and lectures, cultural programs exhibitions and last day’s prestigious reunion debate will be held.
The Alumni, apart from organizing this Mega Reunion, is actively involved in many Social activities including Free Health Camp in different Rural areas with distribution of Free Medicines, supporting poor students, donation of Free beds in different hospitals for the Ex-students and teachers of the College etc. The proceeds of the Reunion are used for all these philanthropic activities.