343 bags of rice seized from a go down in Kolkata, two arrested

Staff Reporter

Kolkata, 28 March: In a swift action to prevent hoarding and black marketing of essential commodities during the present locked down period, the Enforcement branch of Kolkata police today seized huge quantity of rice from a go down at Kossipur area in North Kolkata and arrested two people on charge of hoarding.

According to the police here this afternoon, acting on a tip off that huge quantity of rice had been stocked in a godown at Kossipur area creating huge scarcity of rice in the locality,a team of Enforcement branch officials conducted a raid in the godown this morning and recovered a total of 343 bags of rice of 50 kg each from there.

The total cost of the seized goods was to the tune of nearly Rs three lakhs,the police and arrested two people on charge of hoarding the essential commodity.

The entire godowan had been emptied and sealed and the entire seized goods were distributed among the people through the local ration dealers,the police said.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has issued strong instructions to the police and asked them to take strong and immediate action if there was any report of any hoarding or black marketing of essential goods anywhere in the state.

She also warned the hoarders of strong legal action and asked all businessmen to cooperate with the state administration to ensure steady and uninterrupted supply of all daily goods and essential commodities to the people round the year,particularly during the present locked down period.