1.5 lakh unique ‘Health and Welness Centres’ to be set up by 2022: says Dr Harsh Vardhan

Ankur Bhattacharya ; Kolkata, 15 February : Union minister of Health, Family Welfare Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan here today announced that his ministry was now in the process of creating as many as 1.5 lakh unique ‘Health and Welness Centres’ across the country by 2022 to spread out the revolutionary concept of Health For All, as conceptualised by the Prime minister.

Inaugurating the ‘Rotary India Centennial Summit – 2020’ here today, the Health minister highly complimenting the work of the Rotarians in every corner of the country for the past many years towards improving the health of the poor and the downtrodden, said as part of his long term vision Prime minister Narendra Modi had undertaken a number of missions during his last five years tenure, most of which had already been able to accompliced and completed for the benefit of common people.

Citing the example of the unique health scheme for all ‘Ayusman Bharat’ where 55 crore people had already been assured of good quality treatment under close monitoring of the union government, Dr Harsh Vardhan said in the same path they visualised the creation of a total of 1.5 lakh ‘Health and Wellness Centres’ across the country to help revolutionise the concept of good health where the patients would not only be treated with the best technology, they would be provided with all necessary drugs.But the main idea of the government was that these Centres would ensure that the condition of health for everyone in the country continued to remain free of any major diseases.

‘We have so far been able to set up about 30,000 such Centres and are confident of reaching our target (for 1.5 lakh units) by 2022 to fulfill the dream of one of the most visionary Prime minister the Country, the Union minister said.