The newest entry in the OTT segment of the entertainment industry – Mojoplex

Debasish Chattopadhyay

Kolkata: As the OTT digital entertainment sector witnesses a steady growth, Calcutta- based Mojoplex – an OTT entertainment app that aims to be a renaissance in the industry was launched on November 6.

The Co-founders Abhishek Mishra and Tufan Mukherjee have a vision to not only provide entertainment

to its viewers but also to open fresh avenues of opportunity for budding and seasoned talents. It will be available

on Google Play and will be accessible on web browser ( from November 15 onwards.

The talent corner of Mojoplex has engaged with renowned celebrities of different genres -Arijit Dutta, Joy

Sengupta, Saayoni Ghosh, Sidhu, Sudarshan Chakraborty, Om Sahani, Chandreyee Ghosh, Jojo, Koushani,

Lagnajita, Sudip Mukherjee, Saptak, Rizwan Rabbani Seikh, Ishan Mazumder, Satrajit Sen, Ranjan Ghosh and

Subhrajit Mitra as Mentors and Reality Show Judges. Along with movies, web series and short films, viewers will

also enjoy Stand-Up comedy, Travel & Adventure Vlogs, and Music Jamming sessions.

With the global pandemic locking humans into their concrete boxes, the digital entertainment sector across the

world has witnessed a significant boost. The revenue in the video streaming segment is expected to grow to $30.4

billion by 2024, Over the Top (OTT) media is fast becoming a key vertical for both app developers and as well as

for the advertisers.

Commenting on the occasion, Tufan Mukherjee, Co-founder, Mojoplex said, “The explosive growth of the

OTT segment really will change things for the better and be only the next smart thing to integrate everything a consumer defines as entertainment on one platform. These past few months have shown how OTT platforms

shined bright through these tough times; entertainment has certainly made its position invaluable in our lives,

which is why the industry, from an entrepreneur’s point of view, will never witness the opposite of success. With

Mojoplex, we wish to provide truly the one-stop destination for all things

entertainment in every shape and form.”

While Mojoplex promises to bring a plethora of quality content streaming to its audience, their in-house

production will be commencing from December onwards.

Adding on Abhishek Mishra, Co-founder, Mojoplex, said, “This pandemic has made people realize that

entertainment is no longer restricted to the traditional screens airing scheduled programs made for in-show

advertisements. Now the power has come into the hands of the viewers. And having that very opportunity for

grabs, we have made Mojoplex purpose align with this value of power to the consumer; certitude. With a foray

of entertainment consumers engaging in digital content, we wish to place Bengali content on a national pedestal

so that it’s not only accessed by the Bengali audience, but the entire country.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution catalysing every aspect of an individual’s life, the entertainment industry

certainly cannot be left behind. Mojoplex is not just an entertainment providing OTT app, it will also be an

opportunistic platform for the young, raw and seasoned artists. It is well-positioned to capture significant

opportunities in the space with a niche offering meant for its consumers”.