Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata awarded Rs 20 crore out of a court case in the matter of Russian vessel Beletsky

ST Bureau ; Kolkata:
A vessel with Russian flag and crew came to Haldia Dock Complex (HDC). Just on the day of its sailing out ( end of 2017), it was arrested under admiralty jurisdiction of High Court Calcutta.

Thereafter, as the vessel was docked for long, SMP also arrested the vessel under its own regulations.

In May 2019, Legal Deptt., SMP, Kolkata made submission before Admiralty Court and the Court gave favorable order of Sale of vessel.

The court appointed Director, Marine Department of SMP, Kolkata as Special Officer for the sale of vessel and the vessel was finally sold.

The auction money was deposited with the Registrar of High Court.

During lockdown, the case was placed before the Court. “From our first application we could secure order for 1.7 crore,” said an official.

He added that thereafter, the Court released a further amount of 18 crore 74 lacs, which on 11.9.2020 successfully got credited in the account of HDC SMP, Kolkata.

SMP, Port, Kolkata was grateful to the court, Sr. Counsel, Tilak Bose and Advocate on record A. K. Jana for this amount, as a relief to SMP, Kolkata during these time of pandemic when expenditures are on rise, he added.