Students of Entrepreneurship cell JDBI organized a series of webinars

Debasish Chattopadhyay

Kolkata, June 9: “In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity.” The unprecedented human crisis ever witnessed by mankind has changed the ways of living and working. It might seem depressing but not to the students at J D Birla Institute.
The Department of Management of the Institute has taken this trying times as an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and find solutions to the emerging problems. The Entrepreneurship cell – ‘Acumen’ – organized a series of webinars with prominent entrepreneurs from across the country.
So far, the series has featured several founders and co-founders of start-ups.
On this occasion
the speakers shared their success stories and gave interesting tips to the budding student-entrepreneurs. They advised students to take risks and follow their passion, rather than get into a rat race for a job. Their recommendation to students to avoid seeking jobs and instead become job makers is very much in tune with the current national scenario where employment opportunities need to be created.
It can be noted that
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