Organises A Digital Poem Campaign To Show Solidarity Against COVID-19 Pandemic Employees Contribute One Day Salary To The PM-Cares Fund ~

Kolkata: Digital platform of healthcare successfully organised a digital poem campaign to demonstrate the organisational unity in the face of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.
Additionally, all the employees of have contributed their ‘One Day’ salary to PM-Cares Fund to help it fight the pandemic on Wednesday.
Originally written in Hindi, the poem ‘Hum Jeetenge’ as penned by the Founder & Executive Chairman of, B L Mittal, was also translated in Bengali and English and recited, in all three languages, by the employees. The entire campaign was conducted within the safe walls of the employee homes/ office stations, as applicable during this lockdown phase.
In tune with the official health directives, some of the lines of the poem read as:
“Jitenge Hum,
Dare Nahi, Ruke Hain,
Jitenge Hum.

Ek Kadam Piche,
Par Jhukenge Nahi,
Kuch Hoga Nuksan Hamara,
Par Darenge Nahi.

Sabun Se Dho-Dho Kar Marenge Hum,
Dare Nahi, Jitenge Hum.

Dur Rahkar Karenge Hamla,
Mask Pahnkar Sambhla-Sambhla,
Tumko Badhne Nahi Denge Hum,
Jitenge Hum…….”
The idea is to spread the message of the three weapons of Safety – Social Distancing, Hand Sanitisation and Compulsory Use of Face Mask, not only among the SastaSundar employees, but to everyone in general, via this creative mean.
The videos are being shared and circulated on various social media platforms, at both the employee and organisational level.
Collage videos in all three languages are available for viewing on the company’s official social media handles:


All services of SastaSundar are fully operational in the lockdown phase. The organisation endeavours to stand strong by the people in these trying times.
It can be noted that is a digital platform of healthcare supported by a network of physical counselling and service centres called ‘Healthbuddies’. The service verticals of SastaSundar are Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Wellness.