Mamata announces alternate week long leave for doctors and nurses

Ankur Bhattacharya ; Kolkata, 16 April :Criticising Governor Jagdeep Dhankar for suggesting the deployment of Para Mility forces in West Bengal to properly implement the locked down condition, Chief minister Mamata Banerjee here today announced alternate week long leave for all doctors and nurses in government hospitals for working round the clock for seven straight days.

‘I am happy to announce seven days leave for all government doctors and nurses in every alternative week as they have been giving yeoman’s service as the front line workers to defeat the danger of Corona virus, the Chief minister said here today while giving a stern warning to all people if they tried to harass or heckle any doctor in their residences.

Without naming the Governor the Chief minister also criticised him for his suggestion in view of only a partial implementation of the locked down in the state despite all appeals.

I do not want to give any political colour to our all out fight against COVID-19, at this critical juncture, like some’,she said without taking any name but clearly indicating the remarks of Governor Dhankar.

Reiterating that the state authorities in spite of its limited resources and capabilities had been trying hard to control the spread of the diseases, the Chief minister further stated that it was ‘our responsibilty to look after the well being of our front line workers who despite the tremendous risk about their own life, had been trying their best to revive the condition of all Corona virus patients’.

Thanks to their efforts,as many as 42 patients had so far been able to recover and returned home safely, she said.
Regarding the hapless condition of thousands of daily labourers from Bengal in Mumbai who came out in large number on Sunday demanding facilities to return to home,the Chief minister said she had a telephonic talk with Maharashtra Chief minister Uddahav Thakerey and requested him to look after these people and provide them food and shelter till the normalization of the situation.

‘Since we have been doing the same to thousands of stranded labourers from other states here, we also expect the similar attitudes of other governments too’, Mamata said.