Inventor of IVAS technology performs critical cardiovascular surgeries in Kolkata hospital

Ankur Bhattacharya ; Kolkata 4 , January : As the number of serious cases of complexities related to cardiovascular problems has been growing in India at steady pace, the world renowned inventor of Intra Vascular Imaging (IVAS) technology and the pioneer of this latest the global technique Dr Gary S. Minz here on Tuesday highlighted the importance of such technique by providing a hand on experience to the cardiologists of a leading private hospital here, thereby opening a new vista for them in the history of Medical sciences .

Later participating in an interactive session in presence of Dr Rabin Chakraborty, Senior Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiology and several other senior heart surgeons of a leading Private hospital in the city this evening, Dr Minz, who speaciialy flew in to the city from the USA last night for conducting a number of cardiovascular surgeries with IVAS technology to prove its effectiveness even among serious cardiac patients, said the surgeons in some countries like those in South Korea,USA and China had already mastered the IVAS technique to save lives of many more serious patients who otherwise did not have any hope to live.

‘I also have similar respect for the Indian Medical community and hope that IVAS would also be very popular among them very soon as it is not only very useful, less complicated than open heart surgeries, but also far less expensive than the common methods’, he said.

After addressing a large section of the medical fraternity here, Dr Minz who would leave for Europe for a similar programme tomorrow, however, hoped that an effective anti body of Corona Virus would soon be invented to bring a new hope of life for the current generation of humanity.