Jhilam Saha:-

BHARATNATYAM is a form of dance which is quite well known to our world. It is one of the ancient form of dance which is still continue by Indians. And on 8 may ARANGETRAM shows as the power of a relationship which a teacher share with his/her students at ICCR moncho. And also they invite some honourable guests and they honour then. Then Deedhita Singha started her performance by GANESHVANDANA. Her performance shows us some outstanding delicants of BHARATNATYAM. 

And after the break audience face the outstanding versversion of SHIVAVANDANA by Sayani Chakraborty. Ofcourse they can’t make this success without the help of instrument. For this they invite such a fine musicians to make their performance outstanding. Sayani said “SHRAVANA BHEDANA is just a trailer of our project”.
Just wonder they launche such a outstanding programme within 3 months if they get more time what they  can do!