Actor Rita Ghoshal dream to direct films

Rita Ghosal one of the well known faces of theatre play has not only sticks with stage but also did television, mega serials, and films. Rita Ghoshal never thought that she can become an actress in her life. But at current moment, she is running actor in Bengali film industry. She has been involved with theatre group “Swapna Sandhani” and a prominent member of “Ashoknagar Nattyana”. The Lead theatre actor currently working with a group called ‘Nattyanan’. To find her further journey Rita Ghoshal interacted with Sambad Today sub editor Ayush Ray & representative Priti Singh & Abhilash Kumar Jha in an exclusive interview.

Q. People know that you are an actor, but before acting what would you did and how acting hit in your mind?
Rita: Like other actress I never thought that I can be an actor. Yes, I use to do singing and dancing but never thought to be an actor. In my family acting was not there but a bit culture was there. I used to participate in the school drama, singing, do poetry, and dancing. My father was a writer so while looking into writing somewhere acting hit in my mind and it just all happen. I did not plan anything it just all happens. While going to watch any stage show with my parents I used to think why I am sitting in between the crowd, why I am not on a stage, then I started practicing in front of the mirror. I used to watch the stage show and then come back home. Then I starts practicing how to make expression, how to pitch dialogues, body postures, how to look, makeup and everything. While during so I thought I should start acting with theatre.

Q. What are the struggles or challenges that every actor encounters during their journey?
Rita: See, there are many challenges and struggles are there to face in the industry as you have given the chance but how you explore it, that is all up to you. The most challenging part is once you have given a chance in film industry platform utilized it and gives your best, because there are others who waiting behind you for the same golden chance.

Q. Actors who turn directors, do you think they can give better directions than film directors?
Rita: Yes, definitely actors can give better directions then film directors because they know what expression is basically required in what situations. Recently, I watched ‘Manikarnika’ that film directed by an actor Kangana Ranaut. Even I am also planning to direct a film.

Q. Do you think now a day film fraternity or film industry giving more priority to Women Protagonist like giving a powerful role?

Rita: Yes, it’s improving in the industry but yes it more need to focus on. Today’s time also male actors giving the first aspiration but women to turns a first priority in some roles.

Q. Any actor you have dream to work with?
Rita: I have dream to work with Prasenjit Chatterjee. The day I will work with him my dream will comes true. Recently, I worked with Rituparna Sengupta, she is great and kind lady. I had an amazing time with her.

Q. Who is your ideal or you follow in your acting career?
Rita: I am currently working with Chandan Sen, so I always treat him like my “Guru”. He teaches us acting hand by hand. I am standing here in this industry because of him.

Q. What kind of film you basically like to watch or you have dream to do?
Rita: I like Political films a lot. Sometimes I even image that I can play a powerful role as politician in the film. Apart from that I even like comedy films as well. I do in theater and played comedy role most of the time. You might don’t know that playing as comedian role is more difficult than a serious role.

Q. You have said you like Political film, can we expect you like Nusrat Jahan, Mimi Chakarborty to have political career in future?
Rita: Right now I cannot say anything. Its a new idea or new trend that actors are  involving in the politics. I wish them all the best and do well in their political career. All I can say like acting politics is something that you need to gather knowledge first and also take time to indulge into it.

Q. Do you have somewhere in your mind to join politics?
Rita: No, I am not into it. So I cannot tell you what turns next. As you should know the background of any subject when you are including yourself in it.

Q. As an actor what exactly diet you follow and want others to follow to stay fit?
Rita: First of all avoid oily food especially in summer. Eat a lot of fruits for better digestion, and green vegetable is must.

Q. You working in the film industry for quite a long time, what changes have you noticed till date?
Rita: Now a day, film directors are not taking time to finalize over any decision. Earlier directors used to take 15 to 20 days to finalize any spot or location for the shooting but now in very short period directed decide the place and shoot the shot as soon as possible. The technical side turns better.

Q. If you would ask to describe acting how you will describe it?
Rita: Acting is not an easy job. It is not a joke of your life. This is very tough job. You need to indulge in it read lot books, gather lots of knowledge and learn acting, do theater. Don’t just see the glamour side but you should also get into the acting skills from the bottom of your heart.

Q. Directors you have worked with so far?
I have done drama till date
‘Sunyo je Kol’ by Bhaswati Roy, Bazimat natak’ by Shymal Chakraborty with co actor Gautam Hader, ‘Karkat Krantir Desh’ by Kaushik Sen, ‘Ora atto Jon’ by Chandan Sen. Movie I did ‘Manab Premi Mahapurush’ by Raja Sen, ‘Dristantor’ by Rana Sarkar, ‘Anyashan’ by Sujit Mandal. I also did ‘Andhare Aloo’ by Ashok Biswananthan, ‘Bhobisster Bhut’ by Anik Dutta. I also work with director Shymal Chokroborti. I am currently working with a group called ‘Nattyanan’. 

Q. Tell some of your Mega Serials you have worked?
Rita: My appearances on popular mega serials such as “Goyenda Ginni”, “Bhutu” “Tabu Mone Rekho”, at Zee Bangla. “Jani Dekha hobe”, “Jhanj Lobongo Phool”, “Ke Apon Ke Por”, “ Sanyashi Raja”, “Bijoyini” at Star Jalsa, and “ Pratham Protisruti” at Colors Bangla.

Q. Any message to the all the youth who are planning to enter acting career?
Rita: People who are thinking to enter in the acting career please don’t have a mindset that in the morning you think you want to be an actor and in the night you will get that golden chance to perform. First prepare yourself mentally that you have to do lots of work hard and have respect for acting art.

Q. What are your future plans?

Rita: With an actor, I am writer as well I have dream to direct films. Let see when it’s happen. 

Q. Do have a plan to enter Bollywood?
Rita: It’s my aim to enter Bollywood with good films. As of now, I did not got any chance but yes I will enter in B town.