2019 “Save the Green” King Queen Audition and Talent Hunt round execute

Priti Singh, Ayush Ray

King Queen 2019 Contestants from different parts of the city were present at the second round of Audition which took place at Legacy Banquet.

The Audition and Talent Hunt was graced in the presence Chirasree Singha Roy, Sharmila Maiti, Chandri Mukherjee, Soma Lahri, Suchetana Dey, Swapan Ray, Payel Paul and Shafquat Kalim.

Shagufta Hanaphie Organizing Director King Queen & Co – Owner of Launcherz utter “ Launcherz has always in the Z Factor and so we push the limits to give them immense scope to promote through various events.”

The contested were asked to have a touch of green color in their outfit to keep the theme “Save the Green.” There are many participate has been appreciated by the judges. Some are good at introducing themselves, some are good at their presence of mind, some are good at acting and some were excellent in dancing.

This platform has created where the not so lucky one and even the person with high potential can take part together, get noticed and explore the diversity through this contest. It is not about height and outer beauty. It’s about the beauty within. It’s about the confidence you carry and the inner spark which you have and that’s what you need to reach.

Further, for King Queen Contest Interested candidate can log on FB page King Queen – glam hunt and model contest or contact for details at 9831362042.

The owner of the content also mentions that the team is also planning to Launch Kids Contest Price and Princess. The Grand finale of King Queen Contest will take place in December.