A Rising Hope- Painting by Wasim R Kapoor for COVID-19 for charity

Debasish Chattopadhyay

Kolkata, June 6 : There is nothing normal about a global pandemic. As economies stutter, lives come to a halt, and people lose loved ones, all notions of creativity and productivity completely transform. For some, the tragedy unfolding all around is paralyzing, but many artists in India and the world have found a channel for this pandemic in their work.

Renowned artist WASIM R KAPOOR  has not only found solace in his art, but also a way to depict the altered worldview during and after Covid-19. His paintings reflect a socially distant and masked human existence, Lockdown and the courage of healthcare workers, and the travails of migrant labour.

The rising sun, colors and splashes give us a sense of courage and hips that we need the most at this time, as our lives has turned upside down. 

This picture depicts the lockdown of the whole country, even the Taj Mahal which has been remained closed for the first time in the history ever. This picture also encourage us to be a responsible citizen, following the safety rules by wearing mask, making social distancing and folding hands instead of shaking hands.

This fits well within oeuvre of layered, psychologically complex narratives, with a touch of dark humor.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Renowned artist WASIM R KAPOOR has used art as a medium to express his gratitude towards All those who suffered from Covid 19 .
 “Art has been used as a powerful medium to spread awareness, stand for a cause, and educate people” says Wasim R Kapoor .

It is one such initiative, Art for Charity that has been inspired by Bharat  J Mehra Chairman Radha Meera Trust for making this painting, Shree Bharat J Mehra, a renowned social worker and the Chairman of Radha Meera. The art is held for auction in the coming days. The auction is held in order to gather funds for Radha Meera Trust, so that they could help the needy in this Pandemic. The Trust provides free food, medicines, ambulances, eye operations, and education to over 1500 people every day.

During this pandemic, when glimmers of hope have become the need of the hour, the role of art is now central in our lives. Says Bharat J Mehra of Radha Meera Trust .